Christian Priests and Old Testament Priests: A Shared Calling

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Christian Priests and Old Testament Priests: A Shared Calling

The Purification through Christ’s Blood

Both Christian priests and Old Testament priests share a common purification. The precious blood of Jesus has purified Christians (Eph. 1:7), just as Old Testament priests were sprinkled with the blood of animals (Lev. 8:23). This purification sets Christians apart and emphasizes their role in offering sacrifices. While Old Testament priests sacrificed livestock as their currency, Christians now sacrifice their time and money, recognizing their value in today’s world. By giving these offerings, Christians consecrate all they possess to the Lord.

The Intercessory Role

Another similarity lies in the intercessory role of priests. Just as Old Testament priests offered prayers on behalf of the people, Christian priests are called to intercede for the church and the world (1 Tim. 2:1-4). Then, Samuel, in the Old Testament, declared it a sin to neglect praying for the nation of Israel (1 Sa. 12:23). Similarly, Christian priests have the responsibility to pray earnestly for the needs of others, seeking God’s guidance and intervention.

Reflecting on our Role as Christian Priests

Understanding our priestly role can have profound implications for our faith and service as Christians. Moreover, we are chosen by God for a specific purpose, just as the Old Testament priests were chosen. Our purification through Christ’s blood signifies our separation from the world and our dedication to the Lord. We are called to offer ourselves as living sacrifices, presenting our time, resources, and prayers to God.

Furthermore, as intercessors, we have the privilege of praying for the needs of others, seeking God’s will and blessing upon their lives. It is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. Neglecting our duty to intercede for others hinders the outpouring of God’s grace and mercy.

As Christian priests, we have the honor and responsibility of being chosen by God, purified by the blood of Jesus, and called to intercede on behalf of others. Let us embrace this calling with gratitude, recognizing the significance of our role in the kingdom of God. By faithfully fulfilling our priestly duties, we can experience the fullness of God’s blessings and impact the lives of those around us.

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