Is God Willing to Bless Me?

Perhaps you don’t dispute God’s riches. Maybe you have no doubts about His might. Moreover, the enemy has been feeding you lies about God’s willingness to benefit you. “Does God truly want me to prosper?” you may wonder. The reality is straightforward. God delights in the prosperity of His servant if you are His servant (Psa. 35:27). The point is that you must take a stand. Who will you be serving? Is it God or Mammon?

Do you truly love your neighbor?

Do genuinelgenuinelyy, “Lord, give us enough to get by.” This is the most selfish prayer you can offer. This is something you may frequently hear from the pastor.

Jesus did not tell you to say, “Give me my daily bread today.” Instead, Jesus said, “Give us our daily bread today.”

You must pray for more than enough to be able to benefit others. Pray for good fortune. Do you want to be blessed? Desire to be a channel for blessing others. Pray for plenty so that you can be extravagantly generous. How can you love your neighbor as you love yourself if you’re only praying for your own needs?

Are you happy to just get by? Is that what you define as a victorious life? It’s certainly not the full life Jesus came for you to have (Jn.10:10). Don’t be satisfied with a little when you can’t bless God’s work. It’s either that you’re lazy or that you’re selfish. In any case, the Lord does not approve of this attitude.

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