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Lack of Belief in the Religion

This is said to be the most commonly cited reason for one’s disaffiliation in religion. Looking back, churches had the image of being ‘strict’. They have always remained by their established boundaries. It might have worked before, but not in today’s generation. In recent years, even the enviable churches fail to maintain the steady increase of their members.

Religion becomes irrelevant to the millennials’ daily life.

The belief that we are pertaining to here is not just with the actual words from the Bible because that has been the same ever since. But rather, on how the message is being passed on and translated from text to lectures. There is some form of disconnect. Religion then becomes irrelevant to the millennials’ daily life.

In an article by Sam Eaton (2018), he mentioned that in as much as he wanted to love and show support for the church, he just isn’t compelled enough to do so. For the millennials, it is very important that they feel that they matter, their voices are heard. Sadly, with the church, it is just the opposite. Church matters seem to be one-sided—the church commands and we follow. The millennials’ way of thinking would be something along the lines of:

  • Why would I follow blindly if I’m not even being heard?
  • Why would I be serving an institution that I cannot give help shape or would even be willing to accept my contribution?

Then there’s the issue on how the church is being run as an organization. Yes, the need for guiding principles and systems is vital for an organization to work. But there are times that instead of doing good, millennials see these mission statements as a barrier rather than a guide. They prefer to function based on the teachings from the Bible, fair and straight, and not be bothered by additional instructions from the group’s mission statements.

Millennials also greatly value trust. And most of them have grown distrust towards the authority, including the church, in general. This generation is very curious and hungry for knowledge. They tend to ask a lot and they demand to get their answers, as soon as possible. And if the person of authority, in this case, the church, fails to satisfy the inquiry, they tend to be doubtful and distrustful with those in authority.

Religion is a ‘strict’ institution

The generation gap plays a big role.

Now is a high time wherein social awareness and acceptance are very important. And as the church, being known as ‘strict’ institution when it comes to issues of morality, it can’t be avoided that others feel alienated. The conservative members of the church—which predominantly belong to the former generations—clash with the millennials. The generation gap plays a big role in this scenario. Millennials, being the more open-minded ones are more open to accepting different views of the society, while the older ones tend to be more adamant.


Those who feel alienated tend to disaffiliate themselves from any religious groups.


As a result, those who feel alienated tend to disaffiliate themselves from any religious groups that they formerly have. The church is supposed to be a sanctuary, a safe place. But if one feels that he is from the ‘outside’, then might as well detach and look for other groups (not necessarily religious) that would make you feel that you belong.

Most churches are filled with the ‘grey-haired’ ones and that doesn’t make the church feel anything near safe. And those few who still manage to oblige with their regular weekly church duties, aren’t that eager to attend service as well. Most probably the majority of them are thinking, ‘where are the rest of the people my age?’ and ‘why am I still even here?!’. Since millennials are known to be such a prideful bunch, they would rather be somewhere else than spend their Sunday mornings on a service with the old people.

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