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Delayed Marriage:

There are a great number of adult singles nowadays as compared to the previous decades.  Marriage is being delayed. According to Lois Collins (2017):

A quarter-century ago, at least six in 10 adults ages 25 and older were married, regardless of their educational attainment. But in 2015, the differences based on education were significant. Among those 25 and older who had a college degree, 65 percent were married, compared to 55 percent of those with some college education and half of those with a high school diploma or less.

Millennials tend to either delay marriage or not marry at all. There has been a significant shift in mindset when it comes to marriage—it now becomes a “personal life choice rather than a divine institution” (Carroll, 2017). This statistic then translates to the lesser ‘nuclear families’ in the community. And without this basic unit of society present, then there are lesser attendees from the newer generation.

Bringing children to church is one of the customs that most, if not all, of us, have experienced. It is our family that gave us the introduction to religion. And as we grow older, we tend to continue the tradition and eventually pass it on to our own children. Without this being continued, we are breaking the cycle.

Household set-up/dynamics

Researches reveal that unstable families, like those with divorcing parents,  eventually leads to having children that are religiously unaffiliated. This is especially true when it happens during their formative years. The crisis affects the families’ religious traditions, thus resulting in children that are not molded into one with strong religious ties.

Broken families greatly affect a child. Not only on the psychological aspect but also on the spiritual level as well.

There is also the rising concern on cohabitation of couples. Nowadays, most prefer to ‘try it out’ before jumping into the big commitment of marriage—and it is also inevitable that they will bear child prior to getting their sacrament. The idea behind this is supposedly to lessen the chances of divorcing one another. But more often than not, couples tend to part ways in the early stages of marriage leaving a child in the middle of the chaos.

Religiously mixed households are said to be raising children who would eventually turn into unaffiliated.

Broken families greatly affect a child—not only on the psychological aspect but also on the spiritual level as well. Once a child is exposed to such stressors, they tend to do away with any traditions that would remind them of a problematic family. Regardless of how mindful parents are during the process, it will affect the child one way or another.

With the dynamic society that we have now, it can’t be helped that we now have more multi-cultural families. Religiously mixed households are said to be raising children who will eventually turn into unaffiliated as well. Based on a survey, around two-thirds (66%) of children raised by both Catholic parents tend to retain their religion, as compared to the 39% from those whose parents who don’t share the same religious beliefs and practices.


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