Defining your thoughts and desires 

What is Creative Prosperity? Creative prosperity is about expressing your most profound desires rather than dismissing them as impossible dreams. Writing them down is an excellent example of this simple action. This can be as simple as sketching out some potential plans or drafts that can be revised or rearranged in the long run. This idea of making plans for your desires clarifies the desires in your mind. Only when there are specific ideas to work with will the reason produce particular results.

Inner source of wealth

Many individuals are under the impression that they can acquire wealth through extraneous means. They lack clarity in both their thoughts and their desires as a result. They want to have more financial security, but they haven’t given any thought to the possibility that they could achieve this by being more forthright about what it is that they want and by modeling their lives after those particular aspirations. For instance, some people have the goal of living a better life and accumulating more wealth, but they don’t stop to think about how they want to live a better life or how much more wealth they genuinely require. The majority of people are hesitant to explain what it is that they want because they are afraid of appearing ungrateful or of telling God what He should do. “Desire is God tapping at the door of your mind, trying to give you greater good,” Dr. Emilie Cady posits in her work.

If those desires are repressed, there are no constructive channels for them to flow through. They can potentially transform into destructive channels such as neurotic tendencies, tension, phobias, or other outlets such as alcoholism, addiction, sexual imbalance, or a mental illness.


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