Lack of Commitment


Lack of Commitment

People fall short because of the lack of commitment. They may be inspired at first, but then they end up giving up at the first sight of trouble.

Commitment does not come cheap. This is true now as it was true as we take a look at Bible history. There were a number of individuals in the Bible who lacked commitment. The Israelites grumbled a lot and lacked commitment, and it took them decades to go to the Promised Land. The lack of commitment prevents us from experiencing enrollment.

Commitment is an action.  When you commit, you bring something into existence that was not there before. Therefore, commitment is a creative act. The act of committing connects an action to the future. When you commit, you are saying you will be responsible for something that will happen in the future and that action will not occur the absence of your commitment.

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Why are you lacking commitment?