Some of you have prosperity in your life, but it’s in pygmy style. The Japanese create what they call dwarf, or pygmy, trees. They take the same number of years to grow as an average-sized tree, but the process by which they bind them keeps them small. Neither style of tree takes less or more care than the other; one is encouraged to branch out and grow tall, and the other receives just as much attention in the effort to keep it from branching out.


In much the same way, you bind, or “pygmy,” your blessings without even knowing you’re doing it because you’ve been conditioned by the popular traditional system to think small and want little. That system may be a culture, the government, church, or another institution. Where the teaching is coming from is irrelevant; the outcome is still that you are trained to live in a world of limitation, and today I want to free you from your pygmy blessings.


Do you want to be free? Don’t allow yourself to be, as so many are, dwarfed in your faith. When Jesus said, O ye of little faith (Matthew 6:30b), what he really meant was, “Oh, you little dwarves.”


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December 25, 2018

Prophecology 2017