God’s blessings come when you are ready. He showers His blessings on those that are ready to accept them. Opportunities will become apparent to you if you employ the right mindset. To be the right you in the right season, you need to be confident in your abilities and work on the things you lack. Success can be yours if you prepare well for it.  

In the same way that parents entrust their children with more roles and privileges as their children show that they are reliable and independent thinkers, God brings opportunities to those ready for success. Having wealth or maintaining a high-income earning position is a big responsibility.  

You can only be entrusted with such things if you have an open mind and a heart for God. If you are responsible and capable enough to handle something, then you are prepared to take God’s blessings. 

Be at the right place at the right time. 

Timing is an essential part of the equation. The book of Ecclesiastes in the Bible says that there will be different seasons in one’s life. You might have a brilliant idea on hand but pushing for it at the wrong time could rob it of its brilliance. 

Take, for example, investors. They are careful with when and where they place their money in something. Their financial actions will depend on the situation at hand – the market’s attitude. A good investor will do a lot of research and wait for the opportune time to invest a lot of money in a project or a company. In the same way, for you to effectively position yourself in the current season and the seasons to come, you must research and examine the present patterns. 

Being at the right place at the right time means always being ready for your next big break. You can cross paths with someone who could change your destiny at any point in time. 

Adapt to every challenge 

Each season you learn something new, and when that stage of your life comes to a close, you are usually met with a challenge. Instead, for you to “graduate” into a new season, you must change. Your ability to adapt to the changes in your life is what will spark your millionaire magic.  

Be the master of your fate. The challenges that come your way might test your character, but you must always end up on top and your feet. In the same way that people wear different clothes for different weather, you must arm yourself with other tools for additional challenges in your life. Adapt, change and grow as a person. If you allow yourself to be stubborn, you will not get anywhere.  

Price stressed, “There is a Power within you that is responsive to your needs. Making conscious contact with this Power will transform your life because, in your true nature, you are this Power in expression. You are, in truth, a potential Superbeing.” 

Price tells us through this quote that the Power within you can navigate you through any weather. If you hold your head up high through whatever challenge in life, you can steer yourself safely past life’s trials. 


Making the most of every season is about understanding what that season has in store for you. Every season comes with a different equation for upholding balance in your life, but certain traits will carry you through if you keep them constant. You must maintain the courage and positivity to move on with your life in any setting. This activity seeks to help you stay positive despite whatever challenges you face. 

Step 1: At the start of your week, prepare a checklist of things you think you could do better. They can be simple activities like smiling more or keeping your work desk clean throughout the week. Write down at least ten things that you think you can improve on for this week. 

Step 2: Every day will have a different challenge for you, and to come prepared, you must have a positive mindset. Throughout the week, you must concentrate and ask yourself, “What would my ideal self do?” 

Step 3: Whenever any sort of unfavorable influence challenges you – like maybe you started to feel too lazy to do your work, or perhaps a co-worker or business partner walked in with a whole lot of complaints to leave with you – stop for a second and ask yourself the question in Step 2. 

Step 4: At the end of the week, spend 30 minutes reviewing the good and bad choices you made throughout the week.  

Step 5: Continue doing this for two more weeks to reinforce the positive mindset you have already started building. The goal is to make this thinking second nature for you. 

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